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[misused beauty]

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misused beauty
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Nothing is what it seems, and reality is only as tangible as the next five seconds.

There are no rules here, nor guidelines.
This may seem a bit chaotic, but we'll develop rules as we go along.***

Debate religion, philosophy, literature, why cigarettes have spots on their filters... It really doesn't matter so long as you do so respectfully.

This is a place to belong.

New members are requested to post an introduction and at least contribute somewhat during the course of things.

*** One Rule: Any flaming, abuse, personal attacks, etc. will not be tolerated under any circumstances. You can disagree. You can dislike each other. But you cannot use this community as a platform for expressing that. Feel free to bitch, rant, vent, think, dream, question, and whatever else. Just play nice.

As of March 30, 2004 we have established a "no lurking" policy. This means, basically, that at the end of every month, your faithful admin will go through the members to see who's posted and who hasn't, and create a list (posted in this journal) of those who haven't. Those members then have 1 month to contribute to the community in some form or another (through commenting, posting, or simply saying "I won't be around for this amount of time"). After that month, those who haven't affirmed that they are, indeed, still alive, will be removed.

There is logic behind this. First of all, we're an open community. We encourage expression and individuality and honesty, and want to hear from everyone. This isn't about popularity or anything like that. It's about belonging to a whole and interacting with people who share similar goals/mindsets/ambitions/etc., or encountering something entirely new.

So speak up. There's no reason to be shy.